Initial Training

Most of my clients begin with either a Training Consultation or a New Puppy Visit (depending on the age of their dog.)

Introductory Training Consultation

1½ - 2 hours dedicated just to you and your dog, the perfect opportunity to discover what makes you both tick and how your dog really can be your best friend. A training consultation is ideal whether you are having a specific problem with your dog’s behaviour or are looking for help with basic commands.

During the consultation we will cover all aspects of what you would like to achieve, discuss any problems you may be having and look at how they can be resolved. I will introduce you to reward-based training, give you a demonstration of clicker training and show you how to begin using these methods with your dog. We can then design a tailor-made training programme for you and your dog. Consultations take place in your own home and at a mutually convenient time.

Afterwards you will receive a written training plan with full email/telephone support. Some clients get everything they need from this initial consultation, while others enjoy the additional support of one-to-one follow on training sessions.

From £50 (please contact me for a detailed price list)

New Puppy Visits

Bringing your new puppy home is a very exciting for everyone in the family, but it can also be really hard work. Make sure this is a magical time for everyone by booking a ‘puppy home visit’.

I will spend 1½ - 2hrs with you covering subjects such as housetraining, safe interaction with children, mouthing, chewing, safe play, early socialisation, good manners and teaching puppy to be left alone. I will introduce you to reward based training, give you a demonstration of clicker training and show you how to begin using these methods with your puppy. There will also be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions and discuss any concerns you might have.

Afterwards I’ll send you notes on all that we’ve discussed and email/telephone support is included. Puppy progress updates (especially photos) are always welcomed. Ideally you should book your puppy visit within the first few days of bringing your puppy home.

From £45 (please contact me for a detailed price list)

Follow-on Training

Some clients get everything they need from their initial consultation while others enjoy the additional support of one to one follow on training sessions.

One to one training sessions

My one-to-one training sessions are tailored specially for you and your dog, so whether you have a specific problem such as your dog pulling on the lead, refusing to come when called, or are looking for help in basic obedience, Paws in Partnership will provide the individual attention and support you need. All training is positive and reward-based for the dog and the owner. Lesson times can be flexible to suit you and take place at your own home or a mutually agreed outdoor space.

From £25 per hour (please contact me for a detailed price list)

Puppy Training

Discover how much fun reward based training is with my one to one lessons to help your puppy develop into a well-balanced, happy adult dog. I will show you how to teach your puppy to sit, lie down, stay, leave, walk on the lead and come when called. We will also look at common puppy challenges such as chewing, mouthing, and jumping up along with teaching your puppy to be left alone, early socialisation and safe, appropriate play.

Lessons are tailored specifically for you and your puppy and come with email/telephone backup should you have any concerns or questions in-between sessions. Lessons take place in and around your own home and can be booked individually or as a course.

From £25 per hour (please contact me for a detailed price list)

The Next Steps

Once you and your dog have caught the training bug I can offer fun agility lessons, scent training, tracking and geocaching with your dog. If you have a group of friends I am happy to offer any of the these as a full day workshop.

Scent training, Tracking and Searching

Learn the skills of tracking for a missing person, searching for lost property and even drug detection (we don’t use real drugs!) the dogs love doing what comes so naturally to them and owners are frequently amazed to learn just what their dog is capable of.

From £25 per hour (please contact me for a detailed price list)

Fun Agility

Loved by dogs and owners alike, learn the basic of agility and how these skills can be used to add fun and focus to your daily walks

From £25 per hour (please contact me for a detailed price list)

Training Walks

I will come to your home and go for a walk with you and your dog. This provides the ideal opportunity to work on any training problems you are having out in the real world. I can give on the spot advice on meeting and greeting people and other dogs, introducing off lead exercise, work on recalls etc. The aim is to help you feel more confident and in control, ensuring that walks are fun and enjoyable for you and your dog.

From £25 per hour (please contact me for a detailed price list)

Extra Services

Those little extras to help ensure you and your dog can get the very best from life.

Expecting a New Arrival

A new addition to the family can be an exciting although sometimes stressful experience for all of us. Paws in Partnership can offer a home visit to help prepare prospective parents and their dog for the arrival of the new baby. I will give advice on how best to introduce a new baby to your family, what preparations are needed and how to raise child-friendly dogs and dog-friendly children. This visit should ideally be booked as early in the pregnancy as possible.


Dog Walking

Available for existing clients, I will come to your home and walk your dog, either on their own or with your agreement along with other well socialised dogs. All walks include constant interaction with me and appropriate, supervised play.

£10 per hour

Doggy Day-care

Available for existing clients, your dog spends the day with me and my dogs. We go for country walks, play interactive games, train a little, relax a little and generally have fun. Overnight boarding is occasionally available, please ask for details.

£30 per day (up to 8 hours)

On Holiday in the area?

Do you want to go out for a special meal but can't take your dog along or leave him alone in your accommodation? I am often available to come to your holiday cottage and dog-sit. Providing cuddles if they are liked, or simply quiet company, but most of all giving you the peace of mind that your dog is being well cared for.

£12 per hour

I can recommend as local dog-friendly cottages.

Do you want to spend a day shopping but are worried about leaving your dog in the car, give me a call, holiday day-care can often be arranged.

£30 per day (up to 8 hours)