Initial Training

Behavioural Training Consultations

1½ - 2 hours dedicated to you and your dog, the perfect opportunity to discover what makes you both tick and how your partnership can be developed. A behavioural training consultation is ideal whether you are having a specific problem with your dog’s behaviour or are looking for help with general training. Consultations are arranged for a mutually convenient time and usually take place in your own home.

During the consultation we will cover all aspects of what you would like to achieve, discuss any problems you may be having and look at how they can be resolved. I will explain and demonstrate the training and management techniques needed and show you how to begin to implement them, so you will begin to see results straight away. Together we will design a tailor-made training programme for you and your dog.

Afterwards you will receive a written training plan with full email/telephone support. Some clients get everything they need from this initial consultation, while others enjoy the additional support of one-to-one follow up training sessions.

From £70 (packages are also available, please contact me for a detailed price list)

New Puppy Visits

Bringing your new puppy home is a very exciting time for everyone in the family, but it can also be really hard work. These visits are all about starting your puppy off on the right track, many common behaviour and training problems can be avoided by building a good relationship and introducing simple, fun training from an early age.

New puppy visits generally last 1½ - 2 hours. We will cover a wide range of topics including housetraining, safe interaction with children, mouthing, chewing, safe play, habituation and socialisation, good manners, teaching puppy to be comfortable about being left alone. Along with introducing early training such as coming when called, walking on a lead etc. There will also be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions.

Afterwards I’ll send you notes on all that we’ve discussed and email/telephone support is included. Puppy progress updates (especially photos) are always welcomed. Ideally you should book your puppy visit within the first few days of bringing your puppy home.

Follow up puppy training is available including socialisation visits, puppy's first walks and early training.

From £60 (packages are also available, please contact me for a detailed price list)

Follow-on Training

From £35 per hour. Packages are also available, please contact me for a detailed price list

One to one training sessions

My one-to-one training sessions are tailored specifically for you and your dog, giving the perfect mixture of individual attention, support and fun! They are ideal if you have a specific training problem such as your dog pulling on the lead or refusing to come when called. They can also be used as practical follow-on sessions for clients already working with me to help their dog's behavioural problems. All training is positive and reward-based for the dog and the owner. Lesson times can be flexible to suit you and take place at your own home, a mutually agreed outdoor space or my training paddock.


A variety of nosework activities for companion dogs. Your dog really can become a sniffer dog. Have a go at tracking, search and rescue and scent detection. Learn real life skills that not only provide mental stimulation and enrichment for your dog, but also give you a chance to really connect and work as a team.

Countrywise Canines

Do you love the idea of a day out in the countryside, but aren't sure if you and your dog can cope with the livestock and wildlife you might meet? CountryWise Canines is all about countryside awareness, learning new skills such as: recalling from distractions, learning to read livestock, when is it safe to enter a field and when isn't it? How do I know if I;m likely to come across sheep on a moor? How can I tell if my dog has scented a deer? to help you and your dog enjoy, stay safe and appreciate the countryside.

Guided Training Walks

Helping you to transfer training skills to real life situations. I accompany you and your dog on your usual walk, this provides the ideal opportunity to have on the spot advice on meeting and greeting people and other dogs, introducing off lead exercise, work on recalls etc. The aim is to help you feel more confident and in control, ensuring that walks are fun and enjoyable for you and your dog.

Workshops and Holidays

Paws in Partnership Retreat Weekends

Join me in an idyllic spot just outside Whitby on the North Yorkshire Coast for a bespoke workshop with a difference.

The perfect opportunity to have a break with your own dog (or dogs) whilst increasing your knowledge of: nosework, behaviour, mindfulness, environmental enrichment, the countryside and rural training skills.

Delivered in a mixture of practical sessions and informal group discussion, interspersed with picnics, star gazing and chats around the fire pit.

Limited to four handlers the workshops are tailored to the individual dogs and handlers attending, giving you the chance to build your perfect workshop.

Dog friendly accommodation options from camping to hotels are available nearby, as are beach, forest and moorland walks.

Please contact me for further details, dates and prices

Other Workshops

I can also offer half, full day or weekend workshops on Tracking, Search and Rescue (SAR) or Recall and Connection

Holiday Training Packages

Thinking of coming on holiday to the Whitby area? Then let me arrange a bespoke dog training package for you whilst you are here. I can help with behaviour problems, general training or introduce you to a wide variety of dog related activities. I also have an extensive knowledge of the local area so can advise or accompany you on a variety of walks, provide details of dog friendly cafes, pubs, beaches etc and should you wish to go out for an evening or even a day without your dog I offer a dog sitting service too.

Please contact me for further details and prices

Extra Services

Walk & Train

A dog walking service with a difference. As well as being exercised your dog will also receive training from an accredited, experienced and insured professional. I will collect your dog from home and take them for a walk which includes working on an agreed training plan. After each walk you'll receive a progress update. An initial assessment is required and then catch up sessions are available to enable you to see the progress your dog is making and learn how to implement the same training techniques ensuring that you benefit from the training when out on walks yourself. This service is available for dogs and puppies of any age (young puppies receive home visits until vaccinations have been completed) It can also form part of a training package.

From £25 ( please contact me for further details)

Stay & Train

Your dog spends the day with me and my dogs. We go for country walks, play interactive games, train a little, relax a little and generally have fun.

£30 per day (up to 8 hours)

Holiday Dog Sitting

Are you on holiday in the area and would you like to go out for a special meal but can't take your dog along or leave him alone in your accommodation? I can come to your holiday accommodation and spend the evening with your dog. Providing cuddles if they are liked, or simply quiet company, but most of all giving you the peace of mind that your dog is being well cared for while you enjoy the evening

From £12 per hour